Identity theft: If hackers want to go shopping at your expense

3 simple anti-identity theft tips to help protect and surf safer

<strong>3 simple anti-identity theft tips to help protect and surf safer</strong>


Imagine: A criminal hacker takes over your identity on the Internet, ordered with your unsubscribe data from online retailers, or posts nonsense on social networks with your name …

Such an identity theft is not only annoying and annoying: it can also be expensive. Sometimes it takes months to fend off the demands of traders where goods have been ordered.

How does phishing work?

  1. The fraudster creates fake websites, e-mails or short messages, often enriched with personal details of the target persons, such as name, customer number, etc.
  2. The addressed citizen should follow the fake website for a credible reason (eg threat of late payment, receipt confirmation of parcel services, tax refund, online donation etc.), the link in the e-mail / short message. This is then hardly distinguishable from the original page.
  3. There he is asked to enter more data for a variety of very realistic sounding but fictitious reasons.

Reason enough to protect against identity theft. Here are some tips:

Tip 1: Stay vigilant with phishing!

One of the most common reasons for identity theft are the so-called phishing mails and websites. The criminals send deceptively real-looking e-mails that seem to come from large online department stores or payment services. There, the unsuspecting customers are asked to follow a link to the alleged provider page and enter credentials or other personal information. As these mails always look more real, many still fall into it.

Stick to the rule: On principle, never enter credentials or passwords when prompted, if you have not accessed the respective provider’s website yourself in the Internet browser.

Tip 2: Be careful when signing up for other services!

Many online services or apps allow you to log in using the account that already exists on social networks, especially on Facebook and Twitter or on Google. This is convenient because services like “Facebook Connect” save the tedious registration and no additional password is needed. But beware: Security risks arise from the fact that Facebook Connect and Co. are repeatedly exposed to phishing attacks. That means: If you are not careful, you can inadvertently release your Facebook password.

Tip 3: Use secure passwords

Criminals crack online accounts by simply trying passwords. That means security above all provides long passwords. Programs that try all possible combinations of letters to find out the password, the longer, the longer the password is.

A strong password should be 8 or more characters long and not in the dictionary. In addition to letters, it should also contain numbers and special characters. Taboo are names of family members, pet, best friend or favorite star.

But how can you remember a long password? Her solution:

In order to construct a complex, yet easy-to-remember password, a mnemonic is recommended as a donkey bridge. In doing so, the user thinks out a sentence and uses only the first letter of each word. Then you will definitely transform letters into numbers or special characters. For example, the phrase “Mornings I get up and brush my teeth.” Becomes the password “Ms1a & pmZ”.

Please take care not to use your password several times for different purposes. For if the password of a single service falls into the wrong hands, the other services are no longer protected.

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